March 31, 2020 Health Care Voter

Health Care Voter Launches ‘Our Lives On The Line’ Digital Town Hall Series to Hold Trump and the Republicans Accountable for Failing Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

This evening, Health Care Voter launched the Our Lives On The Line Digital Town Hall Series with a national conversation about how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the weaknesses in our health care system and what Congress and the Trump administration need to do about it. Read More

March 27, 2020 Health Care Voter

Third Coronavirus Relief Package Passes The House — With Corporate Slush Fund Intact

Today, the House sent the third in a series of coronavirus relief packages to the president’s desk, which features 30 times more funding for corporate bailouts than it does for the so-called health care ‘Marshall Plan’ aimed at bolstering hospitals and community health centers during this pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the president is planning to sign the bill into law immediately. Read More

November 21, 2019 Afro-American Newspaper

Black Women Fight Diabetes

The cost of insulin is skyrocketing and people, especially Black women, are dying because they cannot afford or don’t have access to vital medication. There is not enough being done to lower the prices of prescription medications that could mean life or death for so many African Americans that depend on it to live. Read More

November 15, 2019 Portland Press Herald

Letter to the editor: Diabetic Maine child is being priced out of his own life

My 7-year-old son Dakota lives with Type 1 diabetes and uses Humalog, the insulin produced by Eli Lilly. In America, 193,000 young people live with diabetes. Ask these kids’ parents, and they’ll tell you heartbreaking stories about working multiple jobs to pay for insulin, or rationing insulin because it’s too expensive – sometimes fatally. Read More

November 14, 2019 Sojourners


In the United States, 30.3 million people live with diabetes. One in four of those people — about 7.5 million people — is forced to ration insulin because of the high price of this life-saving drug. Proverbs 15:27 tells us: “He who is greedy for gain troubles his own house.” Read More

November 14, 2019 Health Care Voter

RELEASE: Insulin Justice Advocates, Faith Leaders Hold 19 Prayer Vigils & Rallies Across The Country Demanding Justice for Victims of Insulin Crisis

Today, Affordable Insulin NOW and the Lower Drug Prices Now campaign partnered with a broad coalition of organizations and faith leaders to hold 19 rallies and prayer vigils across 17 states outside of congressional offices elevating the moral imperative of addressing the insulin crisis on World Diabetes Day. Read More

November 14, 2019 Health Care Voter

RELEASE: Affordable Insulin NOW & Lower Drug Prices Now Host Premiere and Panel Discussion of “Across the Bridge” on World Diabetes Day

Today, Affordable Insulin NOW, the Lower Drug Prices Now campaign, and various partners hosted the premiere and panel discussion of ‘Across the Bridge,’ a new short film that takes the audience on a must-see caravan journey from the United States to London, Ontario — the birthplace of insulin — with a group of advocates in search of affordable insulin. Read More