Iowans Call Out Rep. Hinson For Opposition To The American Rescue Plan In Central City

For Immediate Release: Saturday, August 28, 2021
Press Contact: Ivy Beckenholdt, [email protected]                                                

Iowans Call Out Rep. Hinson For Opposition To The American Rescue Plan In Central City

While Hinson Ignores Iowans’ Needs And Schmoozes With Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel And U.S. Senator Ted Cruz — Iowans Are Calling On Her To Fight For Them

CENTRAL CITY, IA — Iowa leaders today spoke out at a press conference at the Linn County Fairgrounds calling out Rep. Ashley Hinson for voting against the American Rescue Plan and urging her to stop saying no to Iowa’s health care. They stood in front of a mobile billboard encouraging Iowans to contact Rep. Hinson’s office and ask her to stop saying no to healthcare for Iowans. 

“Rep. Hinson had a historic opportunity to deliver for the people of Iowa back in March by voting in favor of the American Rescue Plan, but she instead wholeheartedly opposed this landmark piece of legislation,” said Stacey Walker, Linn County Supervisor. “We need someone who is going to deliver on the issues that matter most, and we will not stop calling on Rep. Hinson to do the right thing.” 

“When you’re elected to Congress, you’re expected to fight for the people you represent — but it’s clear that Rep. Hinson has no interest in doing so,” said Laura Packard, Executive Director of Health Care Voter. “These issues are too important to ignore — Rep. Hinson needs to stop saying no to Iowans’ health care.” 

“Working families in Iowa need elected officials who are actually going to stand up for them and actually get things done,” said Pete Hird, Secretary-Treasurer of the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “Unfortunately, Rep. Hinson has continually shown no interest in working for us, but we will continue to fight to ensure the needs of Iowans’ are met.” 


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