Congress Cannot Continue to Hold Up Build Back Better Act

October 1, 2021

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Congress Cannot Continue to Hold Up Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday was supposed to be the deadline for the House to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Act, also known as the reconciliation bill that would make historic and much-needed investments in everyday Americans. However, largely due to politicking, the bill continues to be held up, forcing working families to wait for life-saving and life-changing measures like lower prescription drug prices and affordable health insurance coverage.

Health Care Voter Executive Director Laura Packard commented:

“While Congress plays political games, they’re holding up legislation that will save lives. The health care provisions in the Build Back Better Act that would lower prescription drug prices, close the Medicaid gap for millions of low income Americans, ensure affordability of health insurance for years to come, and expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing coverage must be passed now in order to prevent more Americans from going into medical debt. 

Democrats must prioritize passing Build Back Better, not next month, not next week, but today. Too many of our lives depend on it.”