One Step Closer to Affordable Health Care for All

November 19, 2021

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One Step Closer to Affordable Health Care for All

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the House passed the historic Build Back Better Act, which will  make critical investments in millions of Americans, and is a crucial step toward providing affordable, accessible health care for all. Now it’s up to Senate Democrats to get it passed as quickly as possible in order to start giving more Americans the health care they need.

Health Care Voter Executive Director Laura Packard commented:

“The health care provisions in the Build Back Better Act will lower drug prices, close the Medicaid gap for millions of low income Americans, ensure affordability of health insurance for years to come, expand Medicare to include hearing coverage as well as provide paid family leave. The House has passed it—now it’s up to the Senate to take similarly speedy action and pass the bill now in order to prevent more Americans from going into medical debt or going without care. The Affordable Care Act saved my life—and now Build Back Better will expand on it.”