Grassroots Events Show Continued Momentum for Progressives Ahead of 2018 Midterms

New Polling Shows Republicans in Battleground Races Are In Trouble After Voting to Repeal Health Care

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On the one-year anniversary after House Republicans voted to strip 23 million Americans of their health care, Health Care Voters across the country mobilized to hold the GOP accountable for their near-constant attacks on America’s health care system. From coast to coast, in places like California to Iowa and Maine, activists took action to call out congressional Republicans for their cruel and careless efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

From a Lightsaber Rally in Washington, D.C. to a bus tour in Los Angeles, health care voters turned their anger into action to show President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress that one million people will turn their voices into votes this November.

Today, Health Care Voter also released new polling showing that voters in key congressional districts across the country are less likely to vote for Republicans following their attacks on the ACA. The surveys also show that most voters believe lawmakers should strengthen the existing law, rather than repeal it.

The results can be found here. Results specific to each state or congressional district surveyed can be found here: Nevada statewideTennessee statewideRep. Scott Tipton (CO-03); Rep. Brian Mast (FL-18); Rep. David Young (IA-03); Rep. Bruce Poliquin (ME-02); Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06); Rep. George Holding (NC-02); and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01).

See how the Health Care Voter day of action played out across the country:

The New York Times: On Anniversary of House Obamacare Repeal, Democrats Look to Extract a Price
“All told, the House bill would have increased the number of people without health insurance by 14 million this year and by 23 million in 2026, the Congressional Budget Office estimated….To mark the anniversary of House passage, health care advocates are holding events around the country this week.”

Associated Press: Democrats using 2017 ‘Obamacare’ vote as political weapon
“A year ago Friday, Democrats sarcastically serenaded Republicans with chants of “Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye” as the GOP shoved legislation through the House scuttling the Obamacare health care law. Now, Democrats battling to capture House and Senate control in November’s elections are trying to weaponize that roll call, in which 217 Republicans voted yes”

Roll Call: Liberal Groups Release Polls Showing Health Care Could Hurt GOP Incumbents
“A coalition of liberal groups is releasing new polling to show that health care could be a key issue in the midterms,  and that a vote for the Republican health care plan last year could come back to hurt GOP incumbents. The polls, commissioned by the Health Care Voter coalition, were conducted in seven House districts and statewide in Nevada and Tennessee…A sizable percentage of voters surveyed said they were less likely to support Republican incumbents who voted for the GOP health care bill. More voters surveyed in the districts also approved of the health care law than disapproved.”

Newsweek: Republicans Who Voted Against Obamacare Could Lose In November, Poll Shows
“One year after Republicans voted to dismantle parts of Obamacare and leave 23 million Americans without health insurance, a new poll shows that voters in key midterm districts are less likely to vote for representatives who attacked Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act….A sizable percentage of voters surveyed said they were less likely to support Republican incumbents who voted for the GOP health care bill. More voters surveyed in the districts also approved of the health care law than disapproved.”

Miami Herald: One year ago Carlos Curbelo tried to repeal Obamacare. Democrats aren’t forgetting.
“On the one year anniversary of the House vote to pass the American Health Care Act, known as the AHCA, Democrats are spending millions to remind voters in districts like Curbelo’s that their representative voted to essentially repeal Obamacare, the sweeping healthcare law passed solely by Democrats in 2009…Groups like Health Care Voter are planning to spend money and put boots on the ground in districts like Curbelo’s.”

Utica Observer Dispatch: Tombstones to line Memorial Parkway during political demonstration
“Advocates plan to line Memorial Parkway with tombstones today as part of a symbolic demonstration for the one-year anniversary of the House of Representatives vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act…The group’s effort specifically highlights U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney’s vote in favor of the repeal. A request for comment from Tenney’s office was not returned.”

[Opinion] Blavity: When The GOP Attacks Black Americans’ Health Care, We Fight Back.
“Today, May 4th is the one-year anniversary of the date that 217 Republicans voted for the Republican Health Care Repeal Bill and threatened Americans’ access to affordable, quality health care from coast to coast. And we have not forgotten. Across the country, we are raising our voices and fighting back.”

[Opinion] The Des Moines Register: A year later, Republicans’ American Health Care Act is a nightmare for small businesses
“One year ago this week, a majority of the House of Representatives, including representatives Rod Blum, David Young and Steve King, voted for and passed the so-called “American Health Care Act,” or AHCA, an ACA repeal bill that would have cut coverage, increased costs and eliminated protections for more than 100,000 Iowans.”