Third Coronavirus Relief Package Passes The House — With Corporate Slush Fund Intact

MARCH 27, 2020

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Third Coronavirus Relief Package Passes The House — With Corporate Slush Fund Intact

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the House sent the third in a series of coronavirus relief packages to the president’s desk, which features 30 times more funding for corporate bailouts than it does for the so-called health care ‘Marshall Plan’ aimed at bolstering hospitals and community health centers during this pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the president is planning to sign the bill into law immediately.
The following statement is from Health Care Voter Campaign Director Rosemary Enobakhare:
“This is a great day for corporations and a deeply frustrating one for the millions of us who are sick and jobless with no end in sight. When House Democrats get to work on a fourth coronavirus relief proposal, they must demand robust funding for our hospitals, community health centers, and frontline workers. They must be firm in ensuring millions of newly unemployed people can access — and afford — the health care they need right now, and they must commit to the American people that they will provide ongoing direct financial support until the shockwaves of this pandemic clear. We cannot afford to have congressional Republicans and the Trump administration play politics with our lives a fourth time.”

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