No Compromises, No Excuses: With Historic Trifecta Control, Biden & Congressional Democrats Must Deliver on Promises to End This Pandemic


JANUARY 14, 2021


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tonight, as President-elect Biden unveils his vision for COVID recovery, Health Care Voters across the country are looking to the incoming administration and congressional Democrats to deliver on their campaign promises and do everything possible to end this pandemic.

Health Care Voter Spokesperson Anushka Sarkar released the following statement:

“To restore and recover the health of our nation, the Biden administration and congressional Democrats must use any means at their disposal to swiftly pass a robust COVID relief package with 50 votes. More than 350,000 Americans have died because of the moral bankruptcy and negligence of the Trump-McConnell era of leadership. Our new leaders must immediately change course. 

“The health of our nation is inextricable from our economic recovery. The next COVID relief package must guarantee universal free distribution of the COVID vaccine. It must also deliver $2,000 stimulus checks to struggling Americans who have long been left with pennies due to neglect from Congress and the Trump administration. Undoing the carnage left behind by COVID and Trump’s haphazard response will require Democrats to commit at least $4 trillion to extend a long-overdue lifeline to the American public—the same people who decisively elected a Health Care Congress and president.

The end of our year-long nightmare is within reach. Now, Biden and congressional Democrats must march toward it—by whatever means necessary.”