Democrats Must Protect the Public Option from the Koch Network’s Death Grip

MARCH 10, 2021

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Democrats Must Protect the Public Option from the Koch Network’s Death Grip

— With the Biden administration focused on delivering comprehensive improvements to our health care system, the Koch-funded network Americans for Prosperity is already working to undermine the effort in order to protect their bottom line at the expense of American lives. They’re calling the industry-aligned counterproposal the ‘personal option,’ but in reality it’s a rehash of the same old conservative playbook: deregulate, cut taxes and stick the American people with the bill. 

The Koch network may have focus-grouped a new name for their agenda, but their decade-long objective remains the same: Repeal the ACA, and keep the ‘care’ out of ‘health care.’

Health Care Voter Spokesperson Anushka Sarkar responded:


“The Koch network’s influence has turned the American health care system into a debt- and death-funded industry. President Biden pledged to introduce a Medicare-like public option to expand health care access to millions of people, and now the Kochs are getting nervous that they’ll lose money as Democrats work to significantly improve health outcomes for millions of Americans. 


Democrats must refuse to play ball with the Koch network, and work instead with the Biden administration to deliver health and economic gains of historic scale. A public option would reduce government spending and consumer costs by the billions—that’s a win-win, and Democrats would do well to remember that. When the Koch network comes knocking, Democrats should lock the door.”