A Big F*cking Deal: President Biden Strengthens the Affordable Care Act While Delivering On COVID Relief

MARCH 11, 2021

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Big F*cking Deal: President Biden Strengthens the Affordable Care Act While Delivering On COVID Relief

— Today, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law, making good on Democrats’ promise to deliver large-scale comprehensive COVID relief within the first 100 days of his administration. 


“The American Rescue Plan is a first step in more than a decade toward more accessible, comprehensive and affordable health coverage for everyone in America. 29 million Americans could benefit from more affordable health insurance through this plan,” said Health Care Voter Co-Chair Laura Packard. “The Affordable Care Act saved my life, but too many people have been priced out of care until now. Thanks to Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration, our path to recovery and health care for every American is clearer.” 


Among the legislation’s numerous anti-poverty provisions are five historic improvements to the Affordable Care Act that are monumental health and economic wins for millions of Americans. 

The American Rescue Plan strengthens the Affordable Care Act by:

1. Investing nearly $35 billion to subsidize health care premiums for those who purchase coverage through the ACA marketplace by both expanding eligibility for premiums and increasing the subsidies offered;

2. Providing major incentives for states that have yet to expand Medicaid to do so;

And, the American Rescue Plan ensures everyone maintains access to health care through the crisis by:

3. Forgiving more than $6 billion in tax credits that people would have to pay back if their advanced premium subsidies did not match their actual 2020 income;

4. Sustaining employer-provided insurance at no cost to those who have lost employment or reduced hours. The law subsidizes 100 percent of COBRA premiums — providing free healthcare coverage for six months; and,

5. Guaranteeing health care coverage by providing premium subsidies to all who received unemployment insurance.

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